One-family house in Tarifa

Public Service Management and New Technologies Center. Aulesti

Spa in Fuente Santa. Fuencaliente de la Palma

Library, nursery and historical archive in Barcelona

Flamenco School and Cultural Center in the Citadel in Almeria

New offices for Group “Cajamar” in Almería

New access to building

M.L.P. housing reform in Pamplona

In-between building rehabilitation

Cultural center in Orio

Auditorium in Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia

Pedestrian gangway on the ramparts of Pamplona

Gymnastic pavilion

Nursery school in Burlada

108 V.P.T. Houses in Zizur Mayor

Shelter Center for Visitors in “La Antigua”. Zumarraga

Nursery in Berriozar

Santa Eugenia Cultural Center in Getxo

Nursery school in Olloki

Regional Centre for Sports in Hellín

One-family house in Cadiz

Cervantes ride remodeling in San Sebastián

Performing regional area in Tafalla

Higher Degree Music Center in the Vasc Country. Musikene

50 Subsidized houses in Amurrio

Bullring and commercial area

Hondarribia’s Ies Talaia Bhi

Art Center Arco Collection

Carnaval museum in Cádiz

Multi-purposes building in Araia

Education city in Ilundain

172 subsidized houses in Sarriguren

Sagrado Corazón Sports Complex. Pamplona

Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra

Public Library for the Baleares Islands University

Burlada’s Council

Bottling plant of mineral water “Belnature”

113 subsidized houses in Mendillorri

Sport pavilion in Mendillorri

San Juan Health Center

Zuasti Sports Center

Bullring in Burgos

School center in Mendillorri

Retrieval of the Walled Enclosure and Public Library of Navarra

Library in Kansai. Japan

Wine’s museum in Olite

Rochapea’s boulevard. Pamplona

184 subsidized houses in Mendillorri

54 houses in the old plot of la Misericordia in Estella

Cultural center in Olite

Expansion of the Irache Vineyards

Health center in the Iturrama area