Cervantes ride remodeling in San Sebastián
Localización: San Sebastián. Guipuzkoa.
Superficie construida: 13.000 m²
Año de concurso: 2007
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Donostia
Realizado con: Iñaki Bergera
Iñigo Beguiristáin
Colaboradores: Leire Leoz
Paisajismo: Asier Galdós

Cervantes square is located at the confluence of the “Paseo de la Concha” with San Sebastians expansion. The encounter between the rigid urban grid and the sinuous outline of the promenade, results in a sequence of urban spaces, structuring the city, even to this date have been designed as a autonomous and “filler” organizated spaces collection
The proposal responds to these two fundamental aspects, clearing flower grove spaces and ordering tamarindo groves., to distribute naturally most popular routes.
Another basic consideration, understanding the ambit as a relationship space between the bay and the old town, is the need to resolve the end of the “La Concha”s promenade, in its encounter with the City hall. The proposal wants to add to value the building, visual and scenographic auction of the promenade, and will create an able and representative space that allows concentrations of people in special occasions.