Conference Center and Auditorium of Navarra
Localización: Pamplona
Superficie construida: 63.000 m²
Presupuesto: 78.100.000 €
Proyecto y construcción: 1999-2003
Promotor: Gobierno de Navarra
Departamento de Industria
Constructor: O.H.L.
Realizado con: Francisco Mangado
Aparejador: Pedro Legarreta, José Ignacio Goñi
Estructura: NB 35 SL
Instalaciones: Iturralde & Sagues Ingenieros
Acústica: Higini Arau

F.A.D. PRIZE 2004
The solution, conscious of the huge importance of the chosen place for its location, situated in the middle of the city and in a place of transition between the development draw and the wonderful Renaissance citadel, bases precisely its configuration in the will that any allocation of this important must have as piece able to make up public areas.
So the building resolves the geometric problem of the plot offering a square of big dimensions that as civic area resolves its relation with the development draw, heart of the citizens activity, and with the public buildings of its environment (Parliament, commercial centres…)
This big public area has its prolongation to the inner of the building through the halls and the exposition areas that surround the closed wooden prisms that contains the show rooms and conferences. The back band, that contains use areas, becomes in the truly limit of the free surface that the project offers for civic use.