Sagrado Corazón Sports Complex. Pamplona
Localización: Pamplona
Superficie construida: 1.560 m²
Presupuesto: 930.000 €
Año de concurso: 2003-2004
Promotor: Religiosas del Sagrado Corazón
Constructor: Construcciones Yoar
Aparejador: Jesús Armendáriz
Estructura: NB 35 SL
Instalaciones: Arq-Ingenieros

The building is arranged as a limit of a school centre built by the architect Víctor Eusa during the first half of the XX Sigel. This architecture of hard local inspiration leads us to define a building the slightest and most aseptic as possible, of clear lines and surfaces that, far from compete with the noble architecture existent, supposed a counterpoint silence material though being a blunt volume. The choice of materials, metal, glass and concrete in the outer, is not foreign to the will of abstraction in which is based this exercise of composition.


Its position next to the wonderful chestnut wood encourages the apparition of wide windows that relates inner and outer.


Minimize the number of structural supports maintaining distances that do not exceed the constructive logic of a building of this nature, has conditioned the building structure, with leaning bases that condition the design of some elements of the building.