Public Service Management and New Technologies Center. Aulesti
Localización: Aulesti. Vizcaya
Superficie construida: 2.511 m²
Presupuesto: 2.104.064 €
Año del concurso: 2015
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Aulesti
Arq. Colaborador: Usue Beraza

We are proposing a compact building, according to its location, such as traditional architecture that defines the landscape. Similar to the country-houses but with a higher size, and with architectural codes that achieve fitness for use and a corporate identity that makes it identifiable.

As in the country-houses, their image will provide itself the composition of the front facade, while the side will only be a logical consequence of a constructive process and functional needs without intended compositions, but with the needed dignity to pair it with the historic building of San Juan de Murelaga. To this end, the building proposed contains the formal codes of traditional architecture:
Axial composition in three bodies in the main facade, in relation with the inside spatial organization and doubling the ridge cover in an effort to give it a corporate image that identifies the uniqueness of its use.
On the side facade, a large eaves finishes off the deck and protects the facade from humidity and direct sunlight, while a structural framework provides it an undifferentiated character, altered only by the large gap from the central areas of distribution which try to appropriate the image of the chapel.
We are proposing a building that is able to capture light with generous and well protected windows, and to optimally manage the energy, where the concern for efficiency arises primarily from its design, and passive measures according to the use of clean materials and efficient building systems.

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