One-family house in Tarifa
Localización: Tarifa. Cádiz
Superficie construida: 422,2 m²
Presupuesto: 521.000 €
Proyecto y obra: 2015-en construcción
Promotor: Privado
Arq. colaborador: Usue Beraza
Aparejador: Pardo y asociados
Estructura: GB Ingenieros
Instalaciones: INARQ Ingenieros
Constructor: Periñán Construcciones

The building we are proposing, wants to open the visual field to the sea toward the south, while wants to
give the back to other parcel limits. We choose the triangular shape to guide the views and to define the heart of the house, limited by two volumes that contains bedrooms and services. So, it is a house that sees in one direction, opened at front with a terrace and a swimming pool and closed towards the north by an entrance patio, as a transition between the receptive character of the entrance patio and the expansive character of its inner organization.


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