Cultural center in Olite
Localización: Olite. Navarra
Superficie construida: 1.200 m²
Presupuesto: 1.870.000 €
Proyecto y construcción: 1990-1994
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Olite
Constructor: Construcciones Ochoa y Ruiz, S.L.
Realizado con: Francisco Mangado
Aparejador: Michel Tomasena
Estructura: Jesús Goñi
Instalaciones: Iturralde & Sagüés Ingenieros

The old “House of Lions”, built in the second half of the XVII sigle in Olite, presented in the last times an inner of ruined adobe. The redevolpment proyect has consisted in renovate and adapt the building so to be the Cultural Centre of the city.
The starting point of the intervention is the historical front of the building, an important mass of brick that becomes the guideline of the renovation operation. The monumental hanging brick, conveniently restored, gets structurally free to show itself without inner, that contains the new functions of the program. Between the historical front and the new inner is arranged a staircase illuminated in a zenithal way and that gives access to the upper floors of the building.