Rochapea’s boulevard. Pamplona
Localización: Pamplona
Superficie de actuación:
Sobre rasante
46.988 m²
155.600 m²
Año de concurso: 1996
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Pamplona
Concurso realizado con: Francisco Mangado

In the proposal of this linear boulevard of big dimensions, over a big underground parking we have wanted to take special care of avoiding an excessive rigid area and without scale caused by a hard and continued pavement and by the high fronts that flank it.
For that we suggest the presence of a landscape and wooded hill, that emerge from the under gradient, with enough dimensions to characterize the outer area and become a reference of the underground parking.
As regards the perimetral building we understand that must offer a different answer to the outer, with volumes more opaques that establish a limit, than to the boulevard’s inner where breaking itself and with low free floors allows to think of a light and dynamic edge where a compression and decompression effect fight against the possible monotony caused by the two long and high parallels fronts that the proyect has planned for this area.