Wine’s museum in Olite
Localización: Olite. Navarra
Presupuesto: 883.000 €
Año de concurso: 1996
Promotor: Gobierno de Navarra
Concurso realizado con: Francisco Mangado

The characteristics of the building about we have to act -a building identified as historic and an adjacent courtyard with no value constructions- and its translation to terms of arquitectonic and functional usefulness to house de Wine’s Museum, define the basic characteristics and the proyect’s targets.
The “historic perimeter”, appreciably square on plant, formally marked out by the front of stone from witch sticks out the eaves like an “abstract” expression, remains to its architectural basic keys -volume, composition, and so on-, housing the main areas of the museum.
The side face, today courtyard without any value, developes with “new architecture”. It houses the acces to the whole, the communication nucleus and other services and areas of support. It lets free the floors of the historic building and emphasize the geometry and unity of the most representative part of the whole incorporated to its ineer area the outer architectonic reading.

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