Multi-purposes building in Araia
Localización: Araia. Alava
Superficie construida: 5.082 m²
Presupuesto: 3.300.000 €
Año de concurso: 2006
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Asparrena
Realizado con: Carlos Urzainqui
Colaboradores: Leire Leoz, Jesús Ramírez
Aparejador: Jesús Armendáriz
Infografías: Chroma

The study of the location and taking into account that it’s an expansion of a sports installation in function, it clears the three main objectives from our point of view: achieve a whole built well inserted in the urban plot existing and capable of ordering the anticipated one; resolve the traffic and pedestrian flows that generate a building of these characteristics; answer the problem that a big volume like a pediment arises in the outline of the villages; incorporate with naturalness to a program of new floor an anticipated building; propose a building that even being built in several stages is able to transmit a clear and unique image; achieve a building with a fluent spatial sequence, with transparencies that relates visually all the activities.