Education city in Ilundain
Localización: Ilundáin. Navarra
Superficie construida: 17.130 m²
Presupuesto: 5.200.000 €
Año de concurso: 2005
Promotor: Gobierno de Navarra
Departamento de Bienestar Social
Aparejador: Pedro Legarreta
Estructura: NB 35 SL
Instalaciones: Iturralde & Sagüés Ingenieros
Inst. seguridad: Meysh

It seems logical, that having enough floor and having into account the wanted scale of the actuation, we think about a construction of low floor and development on the ground. On the other side the topographic characteristics and the differences in level of the plot, becomes equally in positive determining of the solution. The breaking up of the program in independent unities can be adapted with naturally to the undulations of the ground so we propose that those go with the topography of the downward land in the south-west direction.
This solution carries us to prepare the ground banking and forming terraces, next to the image of the agricultural treatments that leads to the apparition of little contention walls built with masonry of diverse tackle. So we try to approach our intervention to a simple transformation of the landscape, modelling it and undermining punctually to introduce natural light in the measure of the needs.