New offices for Group Cajamar in Almería
Localización: Almería
Superficie construida: 14.950 m²
Presupuesto: 13.800.000 €
Año del concurso: 2012
Promotor: Cajamar
Realizado con: Alfonso Rubí Cassinello

Beyond solving program requirements for an office building, where the opened spaces and proper administration of light are imposed, we understand that, an office building in the undifferentiated neighborhood of a polygon of services, must be capable of representing. But it must not be recognizable by a supposed spectacular architecture, if not with the proper administration of gesture, who in this case, is limited in access, where the building is broken into a large gap, which leads to a open space, wide as a patio, around which the workspaces are organized.


The patio, the real protagonist of the project, space for relationship for the different companies, It is also a climate mattress who this environments, with an almost aggressive luminosity, needs.

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