113 subsidized houses in Mendillorri
Localización: Mendillorri. Navarra
Superficie construida: 18.200 m²
Presupuesto: 5.750.000 €
Proyecto y construcción: 1999-2002
Promotor: M.R.A.
Constructor: Tudeco
Realizado con: Félix Chavarri
Menchu Larrayoz
Colaboradores: Leire Leoz, Jesús Ramírez
Aparejador: Alejandro Diez
Estructura: Jesús Goñi
Instalaciones: Arq-Ingenieros

Since the planning we had clear the need of proposing a linear and resounding geometry for a building that has to establish the limits with a park very important for the structure of the whole built, at the same time it had to be able to house a variety of typology giving an answer to the need of social houses established by the regional Government.
So it is a defined building from its urban genesis and resounding in its form, of great length, which section however answers the urban, topographic and typology problems that has to face. So in a first stretch the building is opened to one of the most important and spacious public places of the urban whole of Mendillorri; the square, in an intermediate stretch becomes part of the street to, in its final part, house houses with garden in their ground floor.

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