Shelter Center for Visitors in La Antigua. Zumarraga
Localización: Zumárraga. Guipuzkoa
Superficie construida: 1.291 m²
Presupuesto: 1.932.600 €
Año de concurso: 2009
Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Zumárraga
Realizado con: Luis Tena, Javier Zulategui
Colaboradores: Beatriz Cavia, Leire Leoz,  Laura Menéndez, Luis Pérez
Aparejador: Pedro Legarreta
Estructura: FS Estructuras SL
Instalaciones: Iturralde & Sagüés Ingenieros

The slopes that dominate these valleys, far from being virgins, are arranged according to its farm and livestock farming. As result of that are the numerous constructions that splash the landscape and that make it singular. The building must have the right scale so to not change these “landscape typology” and make itself being understood like a building at service to another one of high-ranking: The whole part that can be visited makes clear that the heart of the visit is the hermitage of “La Antigua”.
We propose a building with an indoor that can continue being used in the same way till now; as a way area (used as paths) and landscape enjoying, maintaining the topography approximately in its actual condition and over which will appear volumes adequate in size and position.
The floor, triangle, is formalized with the existing geometry: two of its sides are parallel to the paths and the third one parallel to the hermitage orientation and it is spaced out progressively so to get adapted to the definitive topographic outline of the slope. At the vertexes of this figure appear the only volumes underlined in surface: with clean geometries and precise materials (sheet copper and glass) we answer to the expressed objectives as regards the place and its meaning.