Gymnastic pavilion
Localización: I.E.S. Eunate. Pamplona
Superficie construida: 690 m²
Presupuesto: 510.000 €
Año del concurso: 2010
Promotor: Gobierno de Navarra
Realizado con: Javier García-Barberena
Arq. colaboradores: Leire Leoz
Jesús Ramírez
Aparejador: Pedro Fdez. Lascoiti
Fotografía: Alzugaray estudio

Because of the simplicity of requirements, a clear space and small costumes, the interest of the project was oriented to the study of a well oriented and efficient cover. Natural lighting has been, in this way, the argument of the project.


The orientation of the main track is east-west, as recommended by sports rules, with cumshot lighting from north side and by folds in the cover that facilitate the development of upper slanted holes, oriented to south and east. This resulting light, abundant and uniform, has the added advantage of good utilization by radiation in colder months, through south facing holes, while at spring and summer triangular flights will protect this holes because of the highest path ogthe sun during this time of year.