Hondarribia’s Ies Talaia Bhi
Localización: Hondarribia. País Vasco
Superficie construida: 2.669 m²
Presupuesto: 2.604.300 €
Año de concurso: 2006
Promotor: Dep. Educación, Investigación y Universidades. Gobierno Vasco
Colaboradores: Leire Leoz, Jesús Ramírez
Aparejador: Pedro Legarreta

The building wants to take up the place in a silent, airtight and well adapted way to its environment. It wants to be extension of the housing estate, it wants to be understood as a complement of that housing and of the built whole of the scholar centre, trying not to raise over the topographical difference in level of the hill so to avoid subtracting views and ventilation to the near houses. The hill makes soft and becomes in a roof.
The building leans on the bank caused by the excavation protecting itself and almost becoming a unique front building. This topographic condition will also be decisive to obtain a good energetic performance.
The building leans on the bank, but it doesn’t wants to turn its back to it, so the bank becomes in a permanent presence in the inner of the building. Here the communications are produced and there’s an intense entry of light that brings the area to life and makes us understand from this inner which is the relation of the building with the topography. This area is the soul of the new building.