Zuasti Sports Center
Localización: Zuasti. Navarra
Superficie construida: 68.300 m²
Presupuesto: 6.615.000 €
Proyecto y construcción: 1993-1995
Promotor: Señorio de Zuasti SL
Constructor: Construcciones A.C.R.
Realizado con: Francisco Mangado
Aparejador : Alejandro Díaz
Miguel Sola
Estructura: Jesús Goñi
Javier Errea
Instalaciones: Servicios técnicos M.R.A.

The selected place, of a great landscape value and situated in the vicinity of Pamplona, comes from the property of an old Domain of which has been kept, for its later use as integral part of the club, the most significant buildings -the old elegant house and the adjacent church-, buildings that in their moment were surrounded by other constructions of less value that were used on the whole for agricultural uses and that made up a fragmented and subtle occupation of the territory that, without loosing the idea of the whole Domain, was at the same time able to suggest a way to integrate itself with the place without any aggressiveness for the environment.
The architectonical solution is based on this principle, following the placement of buildings odds, isolated, that remember in some way to the agricultural pavilions ruined and that generate intermediate areas and routes, which far from being residuals often become in unity mechanisms and functional argument of the whole.

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