Santa Eugenia Cultural Center in Getxo
Localización: Getxo. Bizkaia
Superficie construida: 10.800 m²
Presupuesto: 5.950.000 €
Año del concurso: 2008
Promotor: Ayto de Getxo
Colaboradores: Leire Leoz
Fotografía: Alzugaray estudio

The vocation of a public building for cultural use must be reflected in its relationship with public space to which is associated.  In this case, studyng the proposed area, this objective it will be complied because of the dominant presence of the building in the definition of the new square.


The building also, should serve as a response to the large public space. For this, the first act is to create a large and covered space by a great flight respect to the ground floor, that it is setback, to shelter the main entrance and to expand the outdoor public space.


Also wants to become recognizable, not only because of its urban location, but by a gesture in his front identifying it as civic vocation building and relates its public spaces with outside, within a premeditation veiled facade and well protected, because of it south orientation, to ensure it perfect operation from the point of view of light and climatic comfort.

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