Library in Kansai. Japan
Localización: Kansai. Japón
Superficie construida: 50.000 m²
Presupuesto: 53.000.000€
Año de concurso: 1996
Promotor: Gobierno de Japón
Concurso realizado con: Francisco Mangado
Maqueta: Jose Luis Maínz
Fotografía: Cesar San Millán

The competition had the objective of building the biggest library in Japan in an environment not much adapted to the importance of the building, where fast roads, bland buildings and areas in development, made up the main appeals.
So we went to an introverted building that, like an island in an environment without suggestive references, marks out an inner garden like a calm area round witch the complex program is structured. Under this central area we arrange the general storage of books, illuminated with courtyards that perforate the big garden. The toilets and offices take up the wide walls (opaque to the outer and glazed to the inner) than define the perimeter.
In a dominate way, over them and living on the landscape central garden, we place a big volume bridge very light and translucent, where de reading rooms are housed. The dialogue of this volume with the stones walls of a perimeter completely closed is the argument of the proposal.

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